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Residential Services


Cubic concrete is Nanaimo's premier residential concrete contractor, specializing in preparation and installation of sidewalks, patios, driveways and retaining walls start to finish. We excavate, form, install and compact a gravel base and rebar, then supply, place and finish the concrete in various finishes. All our work comes with a 5 year written guarantee against structural defects. We do not ask for deposits, payment occurs when the job is finished and you're satisfied.


We offer various finishes including broom, power trowel polish, colors, stamped and exposed aggregate:



Stamped concrete can make a dramatic impression to the residential landscape, and there are many reasons why homeowners and businesses are choosing stamped concrete to enhance their landscapes and buildings. From a cobblestone driveway to a stone patio, the look of textured concrete is not only realistic but also bears the permanent durability of concrete.


Concrete is also cost-effective over alternative materials such as pavers, or natural stone. Installation is quicker, the final product is long lasting, adds value, can mimic natural materials in color and design, and a concrete patio, sidewalk, driveway etc. by Cubic concrete is by far the best choice for a durable exterior ground surface.


Design flexibility is one of the biggest reasons for stamped concrete's popularity. By using the pros at Cubic concrete it can be shaped, textured, and colored to achieve almost any look imaginable. It can complement various architectures, can provide traction on private and public walkways, and can blend with nature in all types of landscapes. Call for an appointment to discuss your ideas.



This finish is achieved by the application of a chemical retarder to the surface of the form and freshly laid concrete. The retarder prevents the matrix from hardening at the surface to a specific depth, controlled by the application timing, amount, and strength of the retarder. After curing (normally overnight), the unhardened layer of matrix at the surface of the panel is removed by a high pressure water washing, thus exposing the aggregate (usually 10 mm natural round pebbles) used in the concrete. Due to our many years of experience this method is the one preferred by Cubic concrete over alternatives such as sandblasting because our 4000 psi pressure washer actually polishes the stone as opposed to the abrasion sandblasting effects, resulting in a brighter finish.